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Compress Images Online Without Losing Quality – FREE Image Compressor

Summary: In this article, we are sharing a free online image compressor to condense images without losing quality and the steps to do so.

Having a high-quality image is beneficial, but if it takes an eternity to load, it fails to create a positive impression on your users-especially in an era where people consume more visual content than ever before. However, fret not, we have devised a solution for you to compress the image online and free without losing its quality. 


Faster File Handling: Photoshops files are usually large, which makes them challenging to work with. After having your images compressed, you can open, save, and edit them quickly. 

Improved Performance: The performance of an image very noticeably improves when you compress it without losing much of its quality. A compressed image does not strain your computer’s memory much and allows your software to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration: Compressing files makes them easier to share and collaborate on as they occupy less storage space or cloud storage. This is especially useful when collaborating with clients or team members who require remote access to the files.

Reduced Storage Requirements:  Compressed files don’t take up much storage space on your system. If you have limited disk space and work with a large amount of data, compressing the size is imperative. You can optimize and keep your work storage organized. 

Faster File Uploads: If you need to upload Photoshop files to websites, online portfolios, or social media platforms, but the file size is too big. That’s where compression swoops in to save the day. By compressing the file size, you can speed up those upload times and breeze through the process.

How to compress?

Here are steps to compress any of your images for free.

  • Click on browse file
  • Select an image
Image compressor online
  • Your image has been compressed and is ready to download
compress image size online for free

Compression Rate

You will experience the power of a high compression ratio with our Image Compression Service, delivering up to an impressive 70% compression rate for your images. Compress your images and enjoy a significant reduction in file size without compromising on quality.

In addition, the tool is capable enough to handle large files. For example, if you have an image of 50MB, Image Compressor does the work for you and lets you download the file for absolutely free.


Do not worry, the tool does not change the format of your file, it remains the same. You can compress the image/SVG icons of every format such as JPG, SVG, or PNG.


Above we have shared how you can compress images without going through the hassle of downloading and installing heavy software. Our online tool is a solution for those people who want to execute such tasks quickly and easily.

Download Free SVG Icons in various formats

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