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10 Online SVG to WEBP Image Converters that You Can Use FREE

Converting images from one format to another used to be a time-consuming task at least for common users. Now, technology has covered some distance! Almost everything gets done in a matter of seconds as there are uncountable online tools to complete a single task. Converting SVG to WEBp is not a big deal, you can find many online tools available to accomplish this task. We desired to make these tools easily available for you. That is we compiled a collection of 20 online tools that will help you convert SVG images to WEBPs.

Here is the List of SVG to WEBP Free Online Image Converters

1) Iamvector

Iamvector is an online tool/website that lets you convert your SVG images to WEBP for absolutely FREE. This tool has a very user-friendly interface, just upload your image and have it converted in the blink of an eye. This website also helps convert SVG to PNG, SVG to JPEg, SVG to BASE64, and SVG to webP of course. Iamvector as a tool is not restricted just to an image converter, it also has an image compressor that you can use to compress heavy images to make them more efficient.

2) CloudConvert

This online tool is helpful for you to convert SVG files to WebP online. Not just that, but it can resize images as well which can make images perform better. You get easy access to control things like the file’s resolutions, quality, and size.

3) Convertio.co

This is also a free online tool to convert SVG files to WebPs. Convertio.co has a simple UI, where you simples choose the file you want covert and select your preferred format. You can upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive as well if you don’t have them saved on your computer.

4) Pixelied

Another great online tool to convert SVG to WebP images without losing much of quality. No tool in this list requires you to download any software, and the same is the case with pixelied. Choose the file and your file will be converted.

5) Freeconvert

Much like iamvector and its name suggests, it is also a free online to tool convert SVG files WebP images. It gives control to adjust image size and quality. Select your file, and save it as a project. In addition, if your file is not saved on your device, you can upload it from Google Drive, or DropBox and can fetch it from a URL as well.

6) Aconvert.com

Very similar to other tools mentioned above! Not only SVG to WebP, but you can also convert any file to any format using this tool. You can upload your file and or fetch it from a URL. There are some image setting buttons right under choose file, adjust the image according to your need, and finally save.

7) Products.aspose.app

Convert your SVG files to WebP files with this easy online tool. No need to download any desktop software or go through the hassle of registration. Apart from SVG files, you can convert any file as per your requirement.

8) Online-convert

Convert your SVG files with this online image converter. Just choose the file you want to convert, upload and wait for the conversion it doesn’t take long. Convert has options to change height, width, and filter to apply colors.

9) Anyconv

Convert your SVG files to WebP with Anyconv. It is a secure platform, only you get access to your files. It doesn’t take much of your time, you get your files converted without having to download any software or plugins.

10) Cdkm

You can choose multiple SVG files to convert or you can use the URL of any online SVG file and choose WebP as the target format. Upload your file, and click on start conversion.

We hope this collection of 10 online tools for converting SVG files to WebP. Please share which one of these helped you the most.

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