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Top 9 SVG Code Editors You Need to Try

Welcome to the exciting world of web development. Here, creativity meets utility, and every line of code brings digital landscapes to life. SVG are the craftsmen’s brushstrokes in this ever-changing arena. SVG editing enable the creation of visually appealing and indefinitely scalable graphics on the web.

In the search for pixel precision and code refinement, we begin on a trip through the 9 SVG code editors. All of them promise to be your trusty companions in creating digital masterpieces. These tools are more than lines of code. They are the designers of your visual fantasies, the maestros leading the symphony of pixels.

So saddle in and ready to enter a world where accuracy meets whimsy. A place where each line of code is a brushstroke on the canvas of the web. Here are the best 9 SVG code editors you should try. In the world of web development, your code is your art, and these editors are your trusty palette. Let the coding adventure begin!

9 SVG Code Editors

List of 9 SVG Code Editors:

1. Iamvector SVG Code Editor

An editor that creates Free SVG Icons for you. To generate them, you simply have to write in the SVG code. While writing, you can also preview them. Once you have reviewed them, you can download them. It is a type of text editor that makes source code easy to write and read. The features that make it one of the liked code editors out of 9 SVG code editors are:

  • Real-time Preview: Write your code in the editor and see the preview in real-time to avoid making mistakes.
  • Syntax Highlighting: The Code Editor provides syntax highlighting for your code, making it easier to create SVG code.
  • Complete HTML Support: To create your SVG, you may use any valid SVG or HTML tag in the editor.

2. Inkscape:

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor that blends graphic creation with SVG code editing. This dual capability distinguishes it as a versatile tool for both designers and developers. Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists all use Inkscape for a range of tasks. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it suitable for a wide range of users. Also, because it is open-source, it enables community-driven development as well as the production of plugins and extensions by the user community.

Graphic Design Features:

  • Vector Editing: Inkscape has extensive vector editing capabilities. You can use them for generating and modifying forms, pathways, and objects.
  • Layers: Designers may use layers to structure large projects. It allows for easier administration and editing.
  • Filters and Effects: Inkscape has many filters and effects for improving visuals. These include blurring, gradients, and shadows.
  • SVG Code Editor: Inkscape has a graphical user interface for developing and editing SVG visuals. 
  • XML Editor: Inkscape has an XML editor, which allows users to change the SVG code that underpins their creations directly.
  • Precision Control: SVG components and properties may be fine-tuned by developers to ensure compliance with web standards.
  • Code Export: Because Inkscape can export SVG code, it is a great tool for producing scalable and responsive online graphics.


SVGOMG is a website dedicated to optimizing SVG code. It is an acronym that stands for “Scalable Vector Graphics Optimizer Made by Gists.” Its main goal is to assist developers in reducing file sizes and improving the performance of SVG graphics on the web.

Capabilities for optimization:

  • Minification: SVGOMG reduces the size of SVG code. It reduces extraneous whitespace, comments, and information.
  • Precision Reduction: To lower the size of the SVG file, the platform optimizes numerical values.
  • Color Reduction: SVGOMG can simplify color profiles and cut the amount of distinct colors in an SVG file.

4. Visual Studio Code with SVG Viewer Extension:

Visual Studio Code includes powerful support for editing SVG files. It recognizes the relevance of vector graphics in modern web development. It is a popular code editor created by Microsoft that allows a broad range of extensions that extend its capabilities. The SVG Viewer addon for VS Code allows you to see SVG files immediately within the editor. This makes it easier to work with Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG Viewer Extension:

  • Live Previews:  The SVG Viewer Extension in VS Code allows developers to preview SVG files from within the editor.
  • Interactive Editing: Users may make changes to SVG code and witness real-time adjustments in the live preview.
  • Zoom and Pan: The addon offers tools for zooming and panning within the preview, which aids in comprehensive inspection.

5. CodePen:

CodePen is a prominent online platform that promotes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects. It also allows for collaborative coding. It’s very good for playing around with SVG code. CodePen displays a real-time preview of your code, allowing you to see the changes easily as you edit. Feel free to experiment with extra CodePen tools and settings to improve your SVG coding experience.

SVG Support and Live Previews:

  • Built-in SVG Editor: CodePen has an integrated SVG editor for creating and editing scalable vector graphics.
  • Live Previews: Users can see instant live previews of their SVG code. This facilitates real-time collaboration and feedback.

6. Vectr:

Vectr is a vector graphics editor that enables users to create and modify vector drawings. Vector graphics are visuals that are specified by mathematical formulae. It allows them to be scaled indefinitely without losing quality. Vectr is intended to be user-friendly and accessible. This makes it appropriate for both inexperienced and expert graphic artists.

SVG Code Features:

  • Export Options: Vectr allows you to export designs as SVG files, which makes it perfect for web development.
  • Editing Capabilities: Within Vectr, users may directly alter SVG code. It allows for a smooth transition between graphic design and code.

7. Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics editor created and distributed by Adobe Inc. Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists use it to create scalable vector images for logos, icons, drawings, and more. Illustrator is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Users can combine their work with other Adobe applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects.

Features of Adobe Illustrator:

  • Artboards: Illustrator allows you to export your artwork as SVG. You may accomplish this by going to “File” > “Export” > “Export As” and selecting SVG as the file format.
  • Drawing Tools: Illustrator has a number of drawing tools, such as the pen tool, pencil tool, shape tool, and others. These tools allow users to make accurate and sophisticated graphics.
  • SVG Export: Illustrator allows you to export your artwork as SVG. You can do this by selecting “File” > “Export” > “Export As” and choosing SVG as the file format.
  • SVG Code View: After exporting as SVG, open the SVG file in a text editor to examine and change the underlying SVG code. Adobe Illustrator delivers clear and understandable SVG code that you can understand and alter.
  • SVG Attributes: Illustrator provides an array of characteristics that you may alter with SVG code. Shapes, colors, strokes, opacity, and other properties are included.

8. Gravit Designer:

Gravit Designer is a vector graphic design tool. It allows users to generate a range of visual materials such as graphics, icons, presentations, and more. It is accessible as a web-based application as well as a separate desktop program for Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. Gravit Designer is well-known for its user-friendly interface. 

A large range of features is appropriate for both novice and professional designers. Gravit Designer has a free version with minimal features. It also has a Pro edition with more features and capabilities for professionals. The Pro edition is offered on a monthly subscription basis. Gravit Designer is a flexible and user-friendly tool for graphic design and illustration.

Vector Editing and Code Export:

  • Vector Tools: Gravit Designer includes many vector editing tools for making complicated designs. 
  • Code Export: Users may export designs as SVG code. This makes it a good tool for designers who wish to include their work in web development projects.

9. Sketch

Sketch is a cutting-edge professional design tool for macOS that has been painstakingly created to set the bar for easy and fast design workflows. It stands out as a dynamic platform for creative expression since it is packed with features geared to fulfill the needs of designers.

Here are some of its important features:

  • Vector Editing Power: Sketch’s powerful vector editing capabilities provide accuracy like never before. Create, alter, and enhance complicated objects and patterns with pixel-perfect accuracy.
  • SVG Export for Web Development: Enhance your web development projects using Sketch’s native SVG export feature. Transform your vector designs into scalable, lightweight SVG files for usage in websites and apps.

Final Thoughts:

Dear code warriors and digital Picassos, you’ve entered the realm of SVG code editors. You’re now better prepared to dance through the pixels and vectors of your digital desires. Since you have learned about the top 9 SVG code editors. Remember that selecting an SVG code editor is like selecting a wand at Ollivanders – it’s a personal connection. Each editor has their own magic, charm, and rare misfire. These editors are your trusted sidekicks in the epic journey of graphic creation. It falls from the elegant interfaces to the feature-packed arsenals.

So, all the developers and designers, go forth! Experiment with them, mix and match, and maybe add a touch of unicorn glitter for good measure. May your SVGs be scalable, your paths be exact, and your code always compile on the first attempt in this digital land where dragons are bugs and missions are Git changes. Happy coding, and may your pixels always be on your side!

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