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How can you design a logo?

Logo designing is just not putting your skills and experience to use but also using your creativity and knowledge to work. How creative you are, comes alive with your logo, its concept, and design. Simple things like using free SVG icons at the right place, checking with the design’s overall ability, and making it more creative are what make an impact.

Initially, when you begin designing a logo, it could be quite an overwhelming task as there will be the brand value to consider above all other matters to consider. If updating an already existing logo, you may have to decide upon depending on 

  • whether it means altering the brand’s entire meaning or,
  • making small tweaks to it.

If you need rules, what would they be? How far would you go to make an impact for holding up your logos and free SVG icons?

Each graphic designer, even those who settle with the designing of these wonderful free SVG icons must have some ground rules to stick on to. Such rules can make life easy as a graphic designer. They can also help create their own set of rules when working on a project beyond a certain span.

designing a logo

Creativity rules in designing a logo

There are several creativity rules to start with when designing a logo. In this article, we talk about a few logo making rules as a creator until you make your own.

Research well about the industry and the organization

Art begins with the right research. If you are making a logo for a brand, you know nothing about, you may create something that does not suit the purpose. Therefore, heading right into your research is the best foot forward. It also implies making free SVG icons

Downloading free SVG icons is possible when the right designs and units go into making the icon. If you have the right skills, use your imaginative art to make the design.

Research to put it into paper, read, research, and come back to your diary. By planning and keeping all perspectives in mind, you can make a unique design.

Sketch your designs until they become perfect.

Many amateurs believe that designing a logo is the easiest on Earth. However, making a logo is as hard as any other task. If you want to design them, try finding the right shapes and formats by sketching your patterns and lines right.

Even when making a free SVG icon, do not forget to try different sketches before choosing the right ones. 

Try several options and patterns, and you will know the right one out of them.

Begin designing a logo in black and white 

Another mistake that logo designers make is when they straightaway start making a colored logo design. If you, color it in the first go, you will never know what else it could be. So, find the right space, and that is by going black and white with your logo and then starting by adding colors to it.

Every logo has a different need. To fulfill those needs, one has to ensure that the color gradient is right. Some organizations prefer matching the logo color with their organization’s theme color. Others prefer going stark opposite while others might leave it to the logo designer with some being never sure. In such a circumstance, you must always begin by colouring your logo black and white.

Keep the scales on for your design

Unless you are sure of your abstract logo concepts, do not ever forsake the scales. A uniform logo looks far better than an unscaled one even when you are making a all free SVG icon . If you want to have an abstract logo, even then you can try sticking to your scales.

Scales serve three main purposes;

  • They help in adding depth to your logos and icons
  • An image on scales improves the visual effect of your icons and logos.
  • Uniformity can improve the readability scores of your work.

Try themes that can be remembered easily

Try themes that stay in the memory for long- it’s not just complicated themes that stay for long, but even simpler themes do. When creating, try your creativity towards something unique.

Themes can be unique, and if they are, you never need to know or go beyond a certain point. But sometimes, themes cannot be made very unique, either due to their business type, client’s preferences, or on other occasions the commonness of a business play a lead role in this lack of uniqueness.

When you have something with you that you cannot make very unique, try making it simpler or add bits of planned complexity to it to complete make it easily memorable.

Use a larger brand identity

Never stray away from the brand when designing a logo or an icon. When you are designing a logo or a free SVG icon, you must remember the brand concept and also use the name of the brand together to make an impact.

There are so many brands in the market that do not use the name correctly in the brand and some others do not reflect the brand’s identity properly.

Stick to the brand’s marketing

Through your logo or icon, you must remember to market your brand and not others. Focus on making the right brand strategy and mark the logo design towards making the right impression when marketed.

If you can make the right mark on your brand in your marketing strategy, your logo for the brand will shine and rise to magnanimous heights, and it will be known widely.

Symbols are not the only way of representation

Logo designers often love designing logos that symbolically mean something. But what if the brand has nothing symbolic in it? What if, it’s just a name?

In such a case, it is not very good to use a symbol, instead, try sticking to letters and alphabets and see what can be done with it.

Go Letters if not symbols for designing logos and even free SVG icons. Yes, you need not always use symbols, but you can always try alphabets or even words to create the right SVG Icons download.

Never fly solo

Do not ever make a decision alone, instead, always show the logo or the icon to your peers and specialists to ensure you did the right thing with them.

Bring your logo design to life

Do not just make your designs on paper, recreate them in 3D, and give them some movement.

If your logo design or free SVG icon can be made movable or needs to go into a virtual flying banner with many other flying things in it, try those variations whenever possible.


Never forget to ask your client where they want to showcase and use their logos and all free SVG icons. Some of the design alterations might involve different locations and positions also. If you do these few basic ground works, there is very less chance that you can fail in making what you want to make or build around them. More than a business, a logo or a free SVG icon designing is an art, and if you want to build it you will need rules. What if you start with these and move towards making your own rules and setting the right chords?

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