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Announcing our new plugin in Figma community

Plugin live in Figma Community:

We are excited to announce that we recently launched a new Figma plugin called “Iamvector Icons” in the Figma Community. It offers relevant, updated and a variety of Free SVG Icons for users to use in their projects. You will get a search bar to find exactly what you are looking for.

iamvector icons

What is Figma:

Figma is a design tool that offers collaborative design, prototyping and real-time collaboration. They are making it easier for designers to come up with great designs and collaborate with their teams.

Figma always looks out for ways to make designers’ lives easier. It provides tools that help designers to create better design experiences with less effort. It makes it easier for designers to collaborate and work faster, more creatively, and more efficiently. 

If you’re looking for a free SVG icons plugin in Figma, then Iamvector Icons Plugin is a one-stop destination. You can use Figma to use these icons for your project designs like websites, blogs or even personal projects. Plus, Figma offers a lot of added features that make creating and managing SVG icons easier than ever.

Importance of Figma:

1. Any Platform Can Use Figma

Any machine with a web browser access Figma. it doesn’t matter if it’s a Chromebook, Mac, Windows PC, or Linux machine. This is the first design tool where Figma files are accessed, shared, and updated on machines running different operating systems in retail establishments.

2. Project files are located in one location in Figma.

Since Figma is an online designing tool, another benefit is that it handles file organisation by displaying projects and related files in a dedicated window. Figma also enables Agile teams to properly organise their projects by allowing several pages per file.

3. The Real-Time Updating Offered by Embedded Figma Files

To embed an I Frame in external programs, Figma now offers live embed code snippets. Integrated prototype files seen in Confluence ARE the most recent Figma files.

4. The Design Review Feedback in Figma is Excellent

The in-app commenting function of Figma is tracked in Slack and/or email. It is not like all other design and prototype systems.

Highlights of the Iamvector Icons plugin:

  • The SVG icons offered are absolutely free. This means no royalty or attributes are required to use them.
  • The icon paths/ elements are editable and can be customized by changing their colour, axis etc.
  • You can choose a single element for all elements of the icons and use them in your design.
  • The SVG Icons are directly added to the design file.
  • Access to the whole library of free SVG icons is made available by the plugin. Direct image-to-vector layer conversion is simple with Figma.


In conclusion, the Iamvector icons Figma plugin is a great way to get free SVG icons for your online projects. With this plugin, you can easily create and manage your artwork, giving you a more organized and efficient workflow.

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Nidhi Bhardwaj
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