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How to Use Image Compression Software ?

We all know there is one fantastic place to share all our ideas: the internet. So, to share those ideas with everyone, you want your image to be as big as possible. But when it comes to sharing pictures online, you have to squeeze your shot just right so there is enough room for text and graphics. Image compressor lets you do this with ease, and they are also free. 

Image compression software is one of those commonly-used tools that you may have never even heard of. It’s not uncommon to hear people get frustrated trying to figure out how they can use it, or they shrug and don’t bother getting one at all when they know that their computer can produce JPEG images at ease (so what if those images are too blurry).

If you also don’t know about this software and what it is, worry not; we are here at your rescue. In this article, you will learn many outstanding features of image compress software and how you can use it. So, let’s get started.

Use Image Compression Software

What is Image Compress Software

Image compress software reduces the size of a digital image, typically for one taken with a digital camera or another device. One can also use this software after the camera does the compression process. The reason for doing so is that smaller images can be transmitted more quickly without using as much bandwidth. 

Compression by way of an image compressor can reduce the file size by anywhere from 3-10 times, depending on the method used. JPEG is the most common image format compressed with a JPEG compressor, but one can also compress other image formats. The most popular of these are PNG, GIF, and SVG.

It’s no secret that large images take up more bandwidth than small ones. So image compression software is what you need if you’re using bandwidth-starved hotspots, mobile devices with data caps, or want to do the environmentally friendly thing and save on your usage.

How does Image Compress Software Work 

Image compress software works by scanning for a section of an image that is the same size as the pixels you want to shrink. The program then has to use an algorithm to resize the picture, and then it is time for compression. This compression process is done separately on every color channel.

You can use image compress software on mobile devices, and it works best with high-resolution images. But if you’re using this program to save space on your computer, it’s best to have a high-quality original picture. That way, you can make the compression process more effective.

Benefits of Using Image Compress Software 

Still thinking of the benefits of using image compress software? Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to.

Saves Space

The primary function of image compress software is to compress pixels. In the process, it reduces the file size. Therefore, image compress software is most suitable for people who have neither enough space on the hard drive nor enough budget to buy a new hard drive and its corresponding memory card.

The Website Becomes Faster 

Users can load their website content quickly with image compress software, saving time and money. To increase the load time, users can also use free vector icons . In addition, image compress software allows users to upload it on their website immediately after compression.

Faster to Upload in Social Media 

Social media is an excellent platform for sharing an image. Image compress software is suitable to upload pictures on social media platforms or websites, as it can discard the excess pixels and bandwidth.


The essential benefit of image compress software is its low cost, which makes it much more affordable to many people. In addition, the software doesn’t require any additional fee for the compression process, and it can reduce the file size with minimal loss in quality.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

One can use it anywhere, regardless of the type of device you are using. You need not have to worry about the workability of the program.

Image Compress Software is an All-In-One Package 

It comes with several functions: image compression, image convertor, and SVG editor. When you buy image compress software, you will not need to purchase the other parts separately.

How to Use Image Compress Software 

Outlined below are the steps to use an image compress software efficiently. 

Step 1: Click here to access Vector’s online image compression tool. You will see the following screen. 

How to Use Image Compression  Software

Step 2: Click on the Browse File button to upload the image you want to compress. 

How to Use Image Compression  Software

Alternatively, you can also drag & drop to upload the required file. 

Step 3: Select the file from your device and click the Download button to download the compressed image. 

How to Use Image Compression  Software

Features of Vector Image Compressor 

  1. High compression rate: With this tool, the image can be compressed with a high compression ratio of up to 70% compression.  
  2. Large file compression: This tool allows users to upload files up to 50MB in size. Also, it is free of cost. 
  3. Format persistence: Your image format is not converted by compression. As a result, your image format will always be the same.
  4. Drag & drop functionality: Easy-to-use drag and drop feature allows users to easily upload the image to the image compressor.

Wrapping Up 

Not everyone knows that image compress software exists. So, if you are looking for an effective way to take some space off your computer by compressing images, this software is the answer. It’s also handy if you want to save on your Internet usage when using hotspots or are limited to a monthly data cap.

Image compress software is a great way to compress your images and save bandwidth. If you’re using an image compressor on the web, you’ll benefit from faster page load times and better results overall. The advantages are even more significant if you’re using it from other sources such as a smartphone or a computer.

So, try using image compress software. It’s effortless, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save by compressing your pictures!

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