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Guide on how to design free vector Christmas icons for festive fun ?

An icon represents a file, program, or a specific feature. Clicking on an icon takes you to its corresponding program, feature, or file. System icons, shortcut icons, and document icons are the three sorts of icons. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to design free vector Christmas icons. This will add a delightful touch to your projects and celebrations.

As the festival season approaches, Christmas icons provide a festive touch. Christmas is a worldwide event that brings with it the joyous presence of Santa and his festive presents.”

But now the Santa and his toys, or the Christmas tree can be not only in homes but also in your systems sprinkling joys in the form of icons. You heard it right! Christmas icons come for free this Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Come, dive straight into your free vector icon gifts and start designing Christmas wishes with these suggested icon sets.

design free vector Christmas icons

Different types of free vector icons

Christmas icons come together in different shapes and sizes. We shall explore them here below:

  • Flat and free vector icons

Lovely flat icons that can add to your celebration messages and greetings easily. Try them in your social media posts, labels, posters, and emails to create a unique feel for this festive season. Most of the sites provide free Christmas icons for the festivals. Pick any of your choices.

  • Interactive Christmas icons

Those icons represent interaction in some way or the other. They bring together interactions and efficient management together.

  • Decorative Christmas icons

These are a particular type of minimally functional icon and are potentially less appealing, but they add to the crowd, and most of them come as free vector icons.

  • Clarifying icons

High on functionality, the clarifying icons can be used for creating definitions and categories for etching out functions and parameters. They do not directly act as an action icon but mostly help in providing clarity.

  • Interface icons

Top-class SVG icons that work and sync well with different web fonts can be used in iOS, Android, and even normal Web functioning and applications.

Additionally, icon flexibility is necessary to make them more definable and scalable. Mostly, half of the icon users do everything through their mobile phones. Thus, when targeting icons, they must be designed in readable formats and every size built for every environment.

Further, every icon should follow a certain level of consistency while keeping up with the general designs and requirements. Interaction and aesthetics are the two main cornerstones of icons that must always be considered.

Now that you know so much about Christmas icons, here is a list of feature-rich icons you can use to decorate your device this winter.

All free vector icons for this Christmas that can add joy to your systems include some suggestions below. Of course, the list is exhaustive, and you could try any other than this one.

Either try these cool Christmas icons or choose your own.

How to create free vector Christmas icons for festive fun :

Many companies across the world have brought their icons for this Christmas. Some of the coolest ones are mentioned below.

Try Christmas icons by Vecteezy

These cool icons come in zip files for you.

  1. Click on the set of icons you want.
  2.  Press the download tab and pick any free Christmas icons you like.
  3.  If you already have WinZip or any equivalent program, your file can be installed on your device quickly.

Christmas icons by Flaticon

Flaticon Free vector icons are singular designs and are merrier for cold Christmas nights. They have 71130 icons on display right now.

These are also flat icons and can serve your designs very well. Add them anywhere within the space and see them brighten up your creations instantly.

You have different options giving way to varying choices like choosing black, color, gradient icons or icons with outlines, either fill, keep the color’s linear or use the hand-drawn ones.

Christmas icons by Find icons

If you want the files in different formats, try Find icons. Here, you can download your free files in ICO, ICNS, Multi-Res ICO, Multi-Res ICNS, or PNG formats.

Christmas icons on Behance

Try the Christmas icons from Behance and enjoy their rich colors and simple make.
They offer many different types of vector icons to make your Christmas merrier this winter.

Try their flat icon set

A simple set but nonetheless more excellent and more effable designs

  • Choose from their line sets

Try their line sets if you want to keep your expressions simple.

  • Find joy in the color sets

You can observe the impact of colors on your free vector icons here. Various colors adorn the individual pieces of the line set icon.

  • Try the stickers! They are good.

The same color icons are also available as a sticker set, go grab them if you want one set for yourself.

  • Try the vector4free image icons

There are some nice, rich, free vector icons here on this store that you can shop for free. The icons are divided according to their specifications, like snow, X-mas tree, reindeer, etc.


Here’s what you can send your friends and families. You can even design icons to keep your Christmas hot and happening amid the cold.

Free vector icons can be easily incorporated due to their small and portable file size. You can keep them in your pocket or share them as Christmas gifts with anyone you meet. If your friend doesn’t have one, surprise them with a gift they can keep on their system for a long time.

Make your Christmas merrier by adding joy not only to your physical surroundings but also within your digital devices. These free vector icons are for everyone working this Christmas, serving as a reminder of the special moments you’ve cherished throughout the year. You can explore these recommended websites or find your own vector icons to make your Christmas even more delightful.

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