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Iamvector image convertor: everything you need to know

The internet is full of images, and finding the one you want is simple. These are accessible in a variety of forms, including SVG, PNG, and JPG. The format of various images varies. The icons offered are mostly in SVG format. Image conversions from the native format are sometimes required. Image converter tools are the one-stop destination for this, and they work well.

 image convertor: everything you need to know

Do you know what SVG, PNG, JPEG, Webp, and Base64 strings are?

Before beginning the usage of image converter familiarity with various formats and their differences aids in a better understanding of the work.

The images are pixel-based. The images are made up of pixels that cannot be edited and the quality degrades as they are zoomed. So you know these images have transparency that means the background pixels are transparent which makes the editing process like layering and effects stand out. The files are saved with the.png extension and the compression algorithm employs lossless compression which helps in not to lose any data while compression.
These are the raster images that can’t be edited like SVG. It becomes pixelated while zooming which degrades the quality. On comparing the size of the same images, these images are considerably smaller than PNG images. The file extension used is.jpeg or.jpg. The compression algorithm employed is a lossy one, so while compressing the image the data ain the file is being eliminated.
Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector-based image so this means the format are text-based and can be edited as needed. The image has a high pixel density and small in size which makes the it more accessible for users. Pixelation is the biggest concern while changing the image dimensions, but It do not get pixelated while zooming, so the issue is solved.  Paths and shapes are used to create SVG images and it employs the.svg extension for saving the file.Iamvector has free vector icons in this format.
A new image format that provides high-quality lossless and lossy compression. Webmasters and web developers can use WebP to create smaller, richer images that speed up the web. These images are smaller and lighter while compared to PNG and JPEG images of the same image. Transparency is supported for Lossless Webp, and in acceptable RGB compression, transparency is also supported for Lossy Webp.
The encoding converts binary data to text, which is then transmitted in formats such as e-mail and HTML form data. In ASCII text, arbitrary binary data is encoded by taking 4 characters per 3 bytes of data, plus a bit of padding at the end. In a 64-character alphabet, every 6 bits of input are encoded. The standard alphabet includes the letters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, +, and /, as well as = as a padding character. The encoding is a textual representation of binary data that yields letters, numbers, or symbols.

Iamvector image converter: 

Image conversion is one of the features offered by Iamvector. There are a variety of all free vector icons in SVG format that can be converted into a PNG, JPEG, Webp, or Base64 string.
The format of the icon can be changed using the image converter. Just take the example that there is an Arrow icon in SVG format but it has to be converted into JPEG, so the image converter can be used to fulfilling the purpose.

How Image Converter Works:

Image convertor

Using an image converter is a breeze. There are two ways to upload the SVG file. The file can be browsed from the system, or the SVG file can be dragged and dropped directly on the page using the drag-and-drop option.
You can then choose a format such as PNG, JPEG, Webp, or Base64 string, and you’re done.

Final thoughts:

The iamvector offers all free vector icons with a variety of features in which the image converter is one of them. The need to convert the SVG images is fulfilled here. For the best user experience, iamvector can be visited.

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