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Top 3 Software To Make SVG Icons

The world of design and graphics has always been a compelling arena, and when it comes to making icons, the possibilities are limitless. Because of its scalability, adaptability, and high quality, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) symbols have grown in favor in today’s digital era. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or an aspiring artist, having the correct software tools at your disposal is critical for creating great SVG icons that catch attention and express meaning effectively.

Icons are used in day-to-day life by a designer. Whether used in apps or on websites or any other platforms SVG icons convey the message for action in an easier and more visual way. There is various software to make icons. Whether free or paid software one can choose according to their convenience.

With the right software, creating Free SVG icons can be a simple and straightforward process. We’ll look at the top 3 software to make SVG icons. So, whether you’re a web designer or a mobile app developer, this blog post will help you find the perfect software for creating SVG icons.

Top 3 Software To Make SVG Icons

So grab your creative gear, buckle up, and prepare for an exciting adventure into the world of icon design.

Let’s get started:

1. Adobe Illustrator To Make SVG Icons:

Price: $22.55 / month
Adobe Illustrator is an industry titan, famous for its robust and comprehensive feature set. As a go-to program for professional designers, it provides an unrivaled degree of accuracy and control when producing SVG icons. With its powerful vector editing capabilities, you can painstakingly construct every curve, line, and detail with ease. Adobe Illustrator’s extensive drawing and manipulation tools, as well as its seamless connection with other Adobe Creative Cloud programs, enable a smooth workflow.

It has advanced features such as gradient mesh, live tracing, and the ability to construct complicated shapes and patterns. Its huge array of brushes, effects, and typographic tools allows for endless creativity. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or a beginner designer, Adobe Illustrator enables you to create gorgeous SVG icons that exude professionalism, refinement, and aesthetic flair.

The software is a part of the Adobe Suite but one can easily download it individually. It is one of the best software to make SVG Icons, logos, and other illustrations. The features let you make SVG that is easily scalable without pixelating and easy to use on websites and apps.

2.  Figma To Make SVG Icons

Price: Free

Figma, a cloud-based design tool, has quickly acquired popularity among designers due to its collaborative capabilities and user-friendly layout. Multiple team members may collaborate on SVG symbol projects in real time using Figma. It breaks down geographical obstacles and boosts effective communication. Its browser-based architecture eliminates the need for installation, allowing for quick access and cross-platform interoperability.

Figma’s design system capabilities, including its component-based structure, make it an ideal choice for creating consistent and scalable SVG icons. The versatile vector editing tools, smart constraints, and interactive prototyping features enhance the design process. It enables designers to iterate quickly and bring their ideas to life. With Figma, you can create visually compelling and pixel-perfect SVG icons. It effortlessly adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a delightful user experience across various devices.

The Software is free to use. Figma has all the features that one can use to make Free SVG icons. It mostly uses for designing interfaces but now it is often used to make icons.
It has minimal required features that make it easy to learn and handle even by a beginner. One of the best features of using Figma is it is a web app. So one doesn’t need to download it, it can easily run on the browser.

 3. IconionTo Make SVG Icons

Price: Free

Iconion provides a simple and straightforward method for producing SVG icons. This program is intended for novices and designers looking for simplicity and efficiency. Iconion has a large library of pre-designed icon templates in a variety of genres and styles. You may simply change these templates by selecting different forms, sizes, and colors, as well as adding your own creative touch. The drag-and-drop capability streamlines the icon creation process, allowing you to rapidly and easily build icons.

Iconion’s user-friendly interface and real-time preview function give fast visual feedback, allowing you to make changes right away. While it does not have the same amount of complex editing choices as other software solutions, Iconion shines at producing simple results for people looking for a quick and easy approach to producing eye-catching SVG icons. Because of its ease of use and accessibility, it is a good alternative for novices or when time is important.

It is a free icon maker software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems.
The software provides its own built-in library of SVG icons and you can customize them. But if you want to create your own icons you are free to do it. This software has various features just to make icons. It is very simple to use and one can easily get their hands on it. It serves lots of features like Icon Colouring, Icon shadowing,  Backgrounds,  Borders,  Rotations, etc.


In conclusion, icons have become an integral part of day-to-day life for designers. With the use of SVG icons, designers can better communicate their message and action in a more visual and easier way. To show emotions, similar to emojis, icons are one of the options. They express the user’s feelings in a better mode. All in all, icons are an invaluable design tool, and their use will continue to increase in the future.

Adobe Illustrator, Figma, and Iconion all have distinct capabilities in the huge terrain of SVG icon design. Adobe Illustrator is a powerhouse, offering unprecedented accuracy, adaptability, and a plethora of tools for professional designers wanting total control over their work. Figma, on the other hand, excels with its collaborative capabilities and browser-based platform, enabling seamless cooperation and quick iteration in real time. It supports current design workflows and provides uniformity across devices. Iconion, with its user-friendly interface and huge collection of pre-designed templates, provides a quick and easy alternative for novices or those in need of speedy results.

These top 3 software to make SVG icons alternatives adapt to your individual demands, whether you like complex capabilities and creative finesse, collaborative design and cross-platform accessibility, or simplicity and ease of use. Each tool enables designers to create visually appealing SVG icons that fascinate and successfully convey.

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