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Why Free SVG Icons Are the Best Option for You?

SVG is a vector graphic format based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) that may be used on the Web and other settings. XML employs tags in the same way HTML does, although it is more rigid. For the free SVG icons to be drawn correctly, you cannot, for example, remove a closing tag since doing so would render the file invalid.

Because, as you can see, SVG documents are nothing more than plain text files that represent lines, curves, and forms as well as different colors, fonts, and other content. Because it is human-readable, readily intelligible, and customizable when placed in an HTML page as an inline SVG. SVG code editor may be changed via CSS or JavaScript scripting.

This provides SVG with a level of flexibility and variety that cannot be matched by standard graphic formats such as PNG, GIF, or JPG.

SVG is a W3C standard, implying that it can readily interoperate with other open standard languages and technologies, such as JavaScript, DOM, CSS, and HTML. SVG is a scalable vector graphics format. As long as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) establishes worldwide industry standards. It is expected that SVG will continue to be the de facto standard for vector graphics in the web browser environment.

Free SVG Icons

Why Should You Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)?

The beauty of free SVG icons is that it is capable of resolving many of the most difficult difficulties encountered in current web development. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

Scalability and responsiveness are important considerations

Rather than rendering images in the browser using pixels on a grid, SVG renders graphics in the browser using shapes, numbers, and coordinates. This approach makes SVG resolution-independent and endlessly scalable. It’s interesting to consider that the directions for drawing a circle are the same whether you’re using a pen or a skywriting aircraft. The only thing that changes is the size.

SVG allows the creation of diverse visualizations by combining different shapes, paths, and text components. Regardless of size, you can be certain that these elements will appear clear and sharp.

Raster-based formats, on the other hand, such as GIF, JPG, and PNG, have fixed dimensions, which causes them to pixelate when they are resized or magnified. Although numerous responsive image solutions have proven useful for pixel graphics. They will never be able to match with SVG’s capacity to grow forever because of its inherent scalability.

Programmability and interactivity are essential considerations

SVG is a vector graphics format that can be edited and scripted. By using CSS and JavaScript, it is possible to include any kind of motion or interactivity into an inline SVG image.


Because free SVG icons are text-based, they may be searched for and indexed when they are included in a web page. Screen readers, search engines, and other gadgets will be able to read them because of this.


The size of the files that are utilized on a web page is one of the most critical factors that influence web page performance. The file size of SVG graphics is often less than the file size of bitmap graphics.

Utilizing SVG files Has Some Advantages

Scaling to the nearest pixel

However, small SVGs with minimal information, like a navigation bar symbol, may appear out of place or too basic when scaled up to the size of a shop banner or billboard. Food for thought: Every situation is unique, but knowing the context and having a keen eye are vital when selecting whether to scale an SVG image.

File sizes that are smaller

Another important benefit is the fact that it is free. Given the nature of vector pictures, the layers, effects, masks, colors, and gradients. That are employed are the data that defines the size of the resulting file.

Bitmap-based pictures capture each and every pixel in the image, as well as the number of colors utilized to create the image. These factors contribute to the size and detail of the resulting file. Yes, it’s a little more involved than that. But the important thing to remember is that a bitmap-based picture file will almost always be more costly than its SVG equivalent. This cost is not just in terms of file size, but also in the flexibility and scalability that SVG provides.

You may further reduce the size of your SVG files by compressing them using gzip, which can be found here. If zip compression is enabled, this implies that fewer bytes must be sent from the server or from a content delivery network (CDN).

CSS Can Be Used to Style an SVG Image

Yes, you are correct. And this implies that you don’t have to be an expert in design software in order to make a little update, such as changing the color of a button. If you’ve done web design or front-end programming before, tweaking gradients or stroke thickness will be a breeze. SVG simplifies the manipulation of these visual elements, offering a user-friendly and flexible environment for designers and developers.

In addition, being SEO-friendly, all free SVG icons are XML-based, allowing the inclusion of keywords, descriptions, and links in the content. This enhances recognition by search engines and boosts overall accessibility.

SVGs are capable of being embedded into HTML.

SVGs, in contrast to other picture kinds. Do not need downloading from the server as an external resource. Instead, they may be inserted directly into the HTML code. As a result, they can be searched for and indexed, which is excellent for accessibility. In addition, CSS may be used to customize the appearance of that SVG. Additionally, if you are caching your HTML pages, this implies that the embedded SVGs will be cached automatically as well.

SVGs Are a Future-Proof Technology

This is something that believe is often underappreciated, especially when it comes to scalability. As new mobile phones and tablets arrived on the market with stunningly detailed screens. Pixel density became a major subject in the design world. This happened before SVG became popular.

It was an amazing experience. However, this meant that most JPEG or PNG pictures used on websites were no longer of sufficient quality. They appeared as if they were made of junk on mobile devices.

Create a second version of the picture with twice the resolution and call it “@2x.” Repeat the process for the first image. On the most recent iPhone, the picture seemed to be friendly and sharp.

If you were smart, you would have identified the user’s resolution beforehand and offered the “@2x” picture only if necessary. Doing so is more cost-effective in terms of file size than serving the original image.

Getting back on track, newer displays with greater pixel density were causing different issues for both designers and programmers. Because of the nature of an SVG, this no longer presents a problem as high-end devices reach resolutions of 8K and beyond. The scalability of SVGs ensures clarity and quality regardless of the display resolution.

They Are Capable of Being Animated

This is an area in which SVG icon download shine. Because SVGs can be edited directly in a text editor. They can be animated, making it quite simple to include some interaction into your website. It is entirely up to you whether you want these animations to be essential or complex.

SVGs, like HTML, are represented by the DOM (document object model). Which means that they may be changed using JavaScript as well as other programming languages.

Why is symbol> preferable for iconography?

Therefore, you do not need to include a viewBox in the markup since the viewBox may be specified on the symbol. Title and description tags may be included inside the symbol>, and they will “ride-along” with the symbol when it is used. It also make it simpler to ensure that accessibility is done correctly.

Because symbols do not show in the order in which they are defined, there is no need for a defs> block. In any case, this is most likely what the sign> was created for.

Where Can Find Free SVG Icons?

Below you will find a list of numerous different places from which you may get SVGs and icon sets. Some free SVG icons, depending on how they are used, may need you to give credit to the creator. So keep that in mind when using them.

  • Flaticon
  • Material Design Icons
  • Icons8
  • FreeIcons
  • IconStore


It is hoped that at this point, we have provided substantial evidence as to why you should consider utilising the SVG file. They’re less complicated to administer, will increase the loading speed of your web pages. It won’t need an upgrade every time a new resolution monitor with a higher PPI hits the market.

Also possible is the ability to animate and make changes to the style of your SVGs without the requirement for or knowledge of a design tool such as Photoshop or Sketc.

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