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9 web design trends to follow in 2024

This year, huge, strong fonts, dark mode, 3D components, bright color schemes and simple design have been increasingly fashionable. Many new web design abilities and strategies exist to assist designers and creatives develop more spectacular products. But what 2023 trends do you believe will stay popular, and which ones will skyrocket in popularity in 2024?

We’ll reveal nine web design trends that we believe will define 2024 including the Metaverse, data visualization, fun user experience, and some online site design and collaboration tools.

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layouts based on a grid

Divide your interface into pieces using grid-like layouts that employ lines, frames, borders, and grids to let users easily identify one area from the next. Even better, grid-like arrangements make it easier for visitors to scan and discover the most important stuff on a page even when there is a lot of content on display, so they never feel crowded.

In light of this, it is understandable why grid layouts of SVG icons download , have swiftly gained popularity as an alternative to the more traditional design patterns. Do not forget about 2024 when it comes to this style trend.

The skill of combining several design methods

Designers have a daunting task when it comes to creating eye-catching visuals. But the trend of combining multiple design components and styles is precisely what is needed to fix this issue. In 2024, you may experiment with the following to make your initiatives stand out:

Blending two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements

The viewers won’t be surprised by the 2D graphics and flat text. 3D visuals, on the other hand, are far less prevalent yet may rapidly capture the interest of the visitor. Mixing 2D and 3D components create a dramatic visual contrast that draws the attention of the viewer. It’s a good idea to use this to make your website seem more current and unique.

Making use of several media to convey information

It’s essential to keep in mind that when images and texts are used together, language provides context and images support it. It’s a win-win situation when the two of them work together.

Excessive information

Before reading the information, people who use the internet scan pages rather than reading the whole page. Make the most essential material stand out by employing bigger fonts, photos and videos to grab the attention of your visitors. You may also increase the visual impact by using an eye-catching hue.

A 3D design that is both diverse and inclusive

Another critical web design trends for 2024 will be 3D design. It doesn’t matter whether 3D structures have been around for a long time; in the future, 3D components and graphics in website projects will be more diversified and inclusive.

Characters in 3D

They’re becoming more popular as mascots or characters for businesses, designers, and websites. Feelings may be given a current and high-tech appearance thanks to 3D technology but can have a more human touch to integrate website messaging and brand tales. Research shows that most buyers make purchases due to this.

Images, 3D animations, and more

Minor aspects of a website have been enhanced with 3D effects in recent years. When creating a landing page, 3D pictures, such as those seen in banner ads, are very effective in grabbing the attention of site visitors.

In the past, All free SVG icons were a distraction for visitors who had to wait for a lengthy period for a lot of material to load. Still, as our gadgets grow quicker and better, we can expect to see a resurgence of 3D loader animations and the broader usage of 3D in all aspects of websites.

For evoking feelings, use vibrant colours.

When it comes to emotions, various hues elicit different responses. Bright colours and pastels have been increasingly popular among web designers in recent years. Users are more likely to associate the website with a more pleasant, warm, and vivid business image when they see bright hues like pink, red or yellow. Colors that pop and aren’t afraid to stand out will remain popular in design until 2024. Some color design options for your websites in 2024 may be seen below:

To appeal to women, choose shades of pink

Because of their associations with femininity, romanticism, and sweetness, shades of pink work particularly well on websites catering to women and children, such as those in the apparel, cosmetics, and fashion industries.


To determine if a website is excellent or bad, designers look at factors such as usability, speed of loading, and ease of navigation. Designers throughout the globe are compelled to produce more simple and minimalistic web designs as a result of this. Minimalist design will continue to be a popular web design trends in 2024, just as it has been in previous years.

It’s easier to navigate with fewer items

Users are guided as they scroll through a website using fewer words, more symbols, and more straightforward choices. All page messages are shown progressively as you scroll down the page on this designer’s portfolio website. Visitors won’t be distracted by any additional images or material.


In web design, Brutalism is characterised by its rough look and user experience. It is common for designers to utilise huge fonts, asymmetric layouts, raw animations, irregular scrolling. Also, unpolished surfaces to highlight the most critical information.

In portfolio websites, the brutalist website design style is trendy since it effectively demonstrates web designers’ design skills and individuality. There is little doubt that Brutalism will continue to draw attention next year.

Retro design trends from the 1980s and 1990s

There are a lot of old items making a comeback, like pixel fonts and graphics, vivid neon colors, video games with old-fashioned typefaces and textures, and much more. This retro design style is a great way to achieve that goal for guests who want to relive the past.


Web design localisation refers to altering the minor aspects of your website to meet the market. It includes practically all target nations and areas.

Essential linguistic assistance is required. Providing a language translation option enhances the user’s experience. But the most effective technique to break down trade barriers is to tailor your marketing and website strategy to the needs of diverse cultures and tastes.

Popular online design collaboration tools

Most of us will have to work from home in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19 limits. Thus, internet technologies that facilitate remote working for designers and teams are highly demanded. Improved in 2024, they will be even more helpful to you.

When it comes to creating and collaborating on product designs with your whole team, Mockplus is an all-in-one product design collaboration platform. With Zoom, you and your entire team can discuss creative ideas in real-time through video chat.

Trello is a design project management solution that gives you complete control over your design process. By making it easier to assign, you can monitor and manage your design activities.


Professionals and creatives may keep on top of the design business all the time by analyzing design trends regularly. This allows them to generate more spectacular products that entice customers.

We hope this list of 2024 web design trends helps you prepare for the year ahead and inspires you to build more attractive and successful online projects.

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