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11 UI/UX Design Trends For 2023

UI and UX designers are very well aware of the speed and extent to which new design trends are evolving, with free SVG icons at the forefront of it all. As a proactive designer, you need to keep up with the emerging trends.

It’ll help you stay ahead of the competition and enable you to create new designs, each day, with a new zest. This exciting piece can help you gain useful insights into the latest design trends. It helps you hone your skills to set the next trend rolling. 

Here are the top 11 UI and UX design trends that are already ruling the chart in 2022!

Simple And Sophisticated

The designs in 2022 are visibly driven by sophistication. They have an underlying subtlety to them with a whole lot of spaciousness and intrinsic simplicity. Minimalist interfaces and the clearly outlined free SVG icons evoke a sense of satisfaction in the user. 

Although prima facie it may seem like there isn’t detailing, these designs have significant work gone into symmetry and typography. You’ll also notice that every element that is used has a purpose. It is not for the sake of making the design overly stuffed. This helps in grabbing the viewer’s attention to the core intent of the design.

Augmented Reality Is A Thing

Lately, UI designs are also enjoying the ride of augmented reality. It has made the designs more interactive and scalable. Changeable filters, smart AR apps for creative fields like interior and jewelry designing are some of the everyday examples. The use of AR in UI design also entails understanding the user behavior of different age groups.

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Voice UI, Because People Are Liking To Command

Typing is on its way to becoming a bygone story. People now love to indulge in voice interactions with the web. The joy of verbally commanding the information you need provides one with a next-level user experience. The voice UI seamlessly offers missing information. Letting the user interact effortlessly and get their queries addressed within a fraction of seconds.

To make the most out of this trend, you need to first get a hang of the way people like to communicate in their day-to-day lives. To make your voice UI design intuitive, apply diverse design guidelines to the interface and enable noticeable feedback. So the users know they’re being heard, or you can even guide them to navigate the entire process, step by step.

Animations Continue To Thrive

We’ve always found animations and illustrations more appealing and relatable than mechanical and monotonous designs. The trend has marked a neat and remarkable impression in the sphere of UI design as well. It envelopes the design of any product, whether it’s an application, or the website, with a satisfying vibe. 

Today, the narrative has taken the front seat in the journey of every brand. The use of animated illustrations has assumed even greater significance in conveying the brand message in a way that the user connects to. It skillfully piques the users and enhances engagement, retention, and ultimately the conversion rate.  

3D Designs Are Adding To The Fun

3D designs continue to sweep the design industry even in 2022. Users rarely seem to appreciate flat designs. They want it to appear lively with evident dimensions, and something that they can just tap into. Although there are occasional conflicts about how the design ends up consuming significant memory and sometimes contrasts with the basic principles of elements. It continues to be a popular choice amongst UI designers, because users are loving it that way. 

3D SVG icons are also at the forefront. They are available in loads on various all free SVG icon resources and are easy to integrate or use in the web design with negligible memory consumption.

So Are Free SVG Icons

Free SVG icons can make your web design remarkably attractive as you can animate these like any other aspect of the website. You can easily integrate the code with the SVG file and obtain an icon.

You can also make this icon dynamic if you wish to and the file size, clarity, and performance will remain on-point. SVG icons download can also be responsive, adjusting their appearance based on screen size, and a variety of other parameters.

Asymmetrical Is The New Cool

Sharp lines, defined shapes, and perfect angles do not allure the users anymore. If you want to add a competitive edge to your design, you need to get rid of one in your designs. Although web designing and all free SVG icons  are laid on the core principles of shapes and grids. The current trends are dramatically shifting towards relaxed shapes and design styles. 

So, banish the sharp lines and free your creativity, tracing the user experience, experimenting with styles, and adding a unique curve of character to your design. 

Dark Continues To Be Desirable

With the increasing screen time and evolving eye-protection features on every other device, UI and UX designers need to hook striking dark layouts for their designs. People preferred vibrant and bright designs, today, there is an increasing inclination towards anything that gives an immersive visual. 

The toned-down appearance looks stylish and feels pleasant to the eyes, weaving an unforgettable user experience. Apart from preventing the emission of harmful blue rays, the dark mode also adds to the readability and allows devices to minimize battery consumption. 

Neomorphism Is Breaking The Ice

Designers across the globe have gone gaga over this latest approach to designing. A combination of new and skeuomorphism, Neomorphism implies minimalistic design with  3D features such as buttons and other elements. It is a unique interplay of textures, gradients, background colors, shapes, and shadows, showcasing a soft, projected, and plastic-like yet realistic appearance. 

Making Errors Look Attractive

We all stumble upon moments when amid our busy browsing, an error shows up on the web. There cannot be anything more annoying, right? But UI and UX designers have managed to find an opportunity for creativity even from this disappointing sight. So, thank the designer in your head when you see a pleasing graphic up there, say a bin, a monkey, or any other avatar when your server or folder is down! 

Keeping It Narrative

We all have moved on to the digital space from books, the story continues to remain the essence of all content and creation. Web designs are also connected with strings of narrative. It creates a deep sense of connectivity with the users and marks a long-lasting impression on their minds.

It also aids in a smooth transfer of information in a creative fashion. It helps the UI design in attracting and holding on to customers through superior but relatable designs, wanting them to come back for more. 

Final Word

UI and UX designs continue to unfold with new and exciting themes and the trends. It discussed above have been ruling the calendar and are only going to see more of it. With more time being spent on digital channels, the need for meaningful and soothing designs is on the rise. Whether it is free SVG icons, the dark mode trends, or neomorphism, the goal is to make it easier for users to consume the content. 

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