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Reddit Community on Creating Icons From Scratch vs AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has advanced significantly and now seems to touch every business, we recently asked a question regarding icons and their future in community forums on Reddit. 

Here is the discussion : 


Given that AI has taken the globe by storm and appears to be capable of anything a human can think of, I wonder if the icon industry can endure. I read a news release the other day that stated that Blockade Labs and Intel are working together to introduce the Diffusion Model, which would allow for the creation of 360-degree views and images. There must be a ton of AI programs on the market that can provide a wide range of icons at the moment for free. Now what about those who provide icons online? Is creating icons from scratch worth it?

A top Contributor from the community responded with a bit of confusion. 

User: SVG Icons are just part and parcel of what I do day to day, for packaging, for a product launch campaign, for a website, etc.

I either make them myself or go on things like Freepik or Noun Project etc. AI, it’s a good foundation for someone to modify and tailor to suit their needs. What’s your stance, can you explain the premise of the question any better?

Another user responded:

For the most part, you are right – but if you are working with / creating a decent brand you should be expected to make a custom icon style and system.


For how long icon platforms will be in the industry?

Contributor responded:

Probably forever. To download an icon online probably has the same amount of clicks as doing a prompt and generating one via AI. And no doubt people will be generating batches of icons via AI and whacking them online to sell in bundles.  

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