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Ideas and Inspiration for Animated Logo Designs

A brand’s logo will be more memorable if it is unique, remarkable, and well-designed. Consider these fantastic corporate logo ideas before starting a project to update or develop a logo. You’ll get inspiration for exceptional logo design ideas for your brand by studying the imaginative logo designs utilized by leading logo design firms. Animated logos are among the most appealing.

Have you ever seen an animated logo for the first time and been completely speechless? It is a common fact that moving visuals, including animated cartoons, still, photographs, and video clips, cause our eyes to enlarge.

Animated Logo

In this blog, we’ve covered some fascinating information regarding animated logo design concepts:

What Exactly Animated Logo Design is?

An animated logo is exactly what it sounds like.  An image-only logo has a variety of different effects on the viewer when compared to its more complex dynamic form.

An animated logo has been upgraded with effects and animation. These effects and animations can range from simple dynamic behavior to full-fledged multimedia presentations.

Why Do People Prefer Animated Logo Designs?

For Creative, Inspiring Brand Storytelling:

Before consumers become aware of a brand, the process starts. Many businesses desire straightforward brand identities. Designers have difficulty with this. It is simpler to effectively communicate the brand narrative with animated logos.

Create a Quick Emotional Connection:

Being surprised is enjoyable. An animated logo is a fantastic method to elicit that response from viewers. A successful logo animation may elicit a range of emotions, including joy, admiration, and excitement. This implies that if a company’s logo elicits good feelings in its target market, buyers are likely to associate it with anything amusing.

Utilize Incredible Creativity For Maximum Impact:

The entire worth of a company’s brand is greatly influenced by the design of its logo. As a result, these companies’ senior executives shell out a lot of money to design their logos. You need business logo concepts that convey a strong message simply, without demanding people’s cognition, to make an effect. Using animation in logos is a surefire approach to tap into creativity and develop brand narratives that elicit the desired reactions from consumers.

Enhanced Brand Recognition and Recall:

Typically, first impressions of your organization are focused on the logo design. It acts as a basis for the growth of your brand and gives them a point of reference. This implies that if your company’s product or service has a visually appealing logo, people will be more likely to purchase from you in the future. You may experiment with many, original logo design concepts with animation and select the one that best suits your company.

Ideas for Animated Logo Design:

Rotating Animated Logo Designs:

Free vector icons can be used to create different animated logos. The rotating logos, as well as all of the other elements, are constantly moving. According to the company’s emotions and personality, the typeface’s style is frequently strong and maybe playful, laid-back, or sophisticated. It’s probable that the pattern in which the photos are always changing but the text is constant representing the overarching tale of the brand.

Animation in Logo Designs That is Based on Typography:

Any moving text that alters its size or shape as it moves forward is referred to as kinetic typography or dynamic typography in logos. This category includes text that is sent using any of these methods. The visual attractiveness of static text is inferior to that of dynamic letters.

Expanding Animated Logo Designs:

In a cluttered field of rival elements, you must ensure that your logo sticks out. Your logo may be simply made appealing by using an expanding animated design. Attention is held by the growing form’s visual impacts.

Animations of Flat Shapes in Logo Designs:

You may design a flat logo with different shape layers with this imaginatively animated After Effects template. These layers enable your company’s logo to be displayed fashionably. In this design, there is space for a logo and a text element that may be edited. Slideshows, corporate broadcasts, meetings, advertisements, events, and web marketing for your company.

Hand-Drawn Animated Logo Designs:

Hand-drawn animated logos that are personalized and approachable can aid a company in connecting with its target audience. Human-centric designs are becoming more and more popular, and this trend is expected to continue. It’s becoming increasingly common to integrate animation with hand-drawn logos, and many designers are benefiting from it.

Utilizing Hyperrealism in Logo Designs:

Hyperrealism is seen to be a step up from photorealism. Organizations that wish to convey their distinct position, strategy, or business models are willing to experiment with hyperrealism and build dynamic digital logos that elicit emotions.

Animated Logo Designs with 3D Effect:

Three-dimensional logos are particularly effective on media like the internet and television because they add “depth” to the process of being noticed. Compared to a conventional two-dimensional logo, a three-dimensional logo is more memorable and sticks out. It also offers the perfect foundation for animation.

Sources of Inspiration for Logos’ Animation: 

1. Fiverr:

Fiverr features a distinct wordmark that serves as its trademark. The marketplace has a set pricing system that mandates a $5 minimum for any digital services offered. Many of the animated versions of the Fiverr logo stay true to the brand’s well-known logotype, which is already well-known to the company’s customers.

2. LUX:

Making money is the one apparent objective of Lux Capital, an investing business. Through the inversion of the “X” in Lux, the design firm Mucho explores the ideas of addition, multiplication, and profit. Furthermore, the “X” moves to the right when ascending once it has finished its rotation, which is another reference to profit.

3. Google:

Despite the brand’s well-known images, Google’s dynamic logo does a fantastic job of illustrating the wide range of services it is in charge of. Even if the logo’s morph animation just makes use of the simplest forms and Google’s official colors, it is nonetheless able to convey the company’s message.

4. Osprey giant:

A unique technique is used to spin the Giant Owl emblem. The circular figures initially spin around like a movie reel before starting to blink like owl eyes. We would have a hard time figuring out what those shapes represent without the motion. This exemplifies the animation’s value. A logo design now has new options available to it that weren’t previously available when using only static images.

5. Netflix:

Starting with an animated “N” ribbon, the Netflix logo changes into a picture that resembles a barcode. This idea came from the team’s initial brainstorming session where they discussed the possibility of utilizing Netflix’s original thumbnails from an upside-down perspective.

6. 500PX:

The network 500px is devoted to photography. The striking rebranding by 500px includes a colorful, energetic new logo. This, according to the business, “evokes a fingerprint with a motion that mimics the rotation of a camera lens.


We sincerely hope that this selection of original logo designs was enjoyable for you to browse through and, more importantly, that it served as a source of inspiration for your upcoming logo project.

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