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Top 7 logo design principles to be followed in 2022

Challenges make up our environment and to do business in the right way, we need to understand the ground rules of that business. Starting from making free SVG icons to selling logo designs and spaceships, the market works differently for different businesses. Whether it’s a small or big business, it is through these principles that can sustain us well in the market.

The scope of this article will be for those businesses who are either into a logo design or want to be in the business for a long time.  Even if you are doing this business, you might still face a change of rules anytime and that can turn the game for you. Following basic rules and principles will thus ensure that you know where you are heading and what you want to achieve in the process.

Here are seven prominent rules that can not only support you now but will always support you even when the tides around logo designing and creating free SVG icons are changing.

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Seven prominent logo designs principles to follow in 2022

If you follow these below seven prominent logo design principles, you will never go out of the show.

Keeping your logos simple & memorable

Gaudy and complicated logos and icon ideas might go well with a certain generation and within a certain period. All ideas emerge and dissipate in a certain time frame except the simple ones. Even when building free SVG icons, you must keep this principle in mind.

People’s ideas change with time and if you cannot hold on to simplicity, after a while it might stop making sense and be mere jargon.

For example, if you had designed a logo or a free SVG icon with a pager flashing from the screen once, it will stop making sense to this generation altogether. Sticking to a simple representation thus might your logo timeless and valuable as you convey a message through it that is timeless.

Create a distinct logo

If your logo is distinct in itself, it will gain prominence over time. A clear message must be delivered with a clear, distinct logo that stands out in a crowd of many. 

The print, color choice, font, and even the way you place the logo message should be clear right from the very beginning. This way you can create an edge over others for your logos and icons.

Industrial Research

Industry research is what matters in the long run as knowing the industry in and out tells you more about what other brands are following and what your brand should follow. It sets those limitations that can guide you to perform better in your niche.

If you are designing a logo for a fashion brand it will be different from the logo that you design for a software company.

‘One step ahead always’ is what one needs to follow when making or creating a brand’s logo or even when making a all free SVG icon and thus your research work must be robust in your area of work.

Most of the time, clients are specific about what they want from you but at other times, you might have to check with them by putting the right questions for them and also for the industry, you are working ahead for.

Using the right visual tricks

When you look at the history of logos, it will surprise you if we tell you that ancient Egyptians were using logos in the form of hieroglyphs existed even in 1300 AD. Egyptian hieroglyphs were designs used as a representation of their shops and businesses. The use of grids in logo design is not something that came up just today but dates back to centuries.

Now, when you look at Horus’s eye, the Hindu Swastika, or the scales of balance, we still understand their meaning. We still relate to the facts and figures which means their logos were timeless. 

It also means that if we want our design to stand out, if we want to make a timeless piece whose meaning is comprehensible even 1500 years into the future, we need to use the right proportions for everything.

Using visual tricks is a very wise way to incorporate the right meaning into a logo. Going by this principle, you can create logos that may transcend through time.

Visual tricks will include making your logo three-dimensional and adding a sense of depth and purpose to it. 

There is a beautiful logo in use and that is the one of the Edge Board which deals in manufacturing chopping-edge guards.

Not only does the logo seem like it is on the other side of the wall, but also that it has 90 degrees and an eye represents the ‘E’ and a honey bee represents the ‘B.’

Using the right blend of visual tricks can get it a stand for you in the market.

Being yourself

Most important of all, not only remember the brand’s message but also your identity. What you wish to bring forth is why the brand came to you in the first place, so working towards that goal is also essential.

Being yourself ultimately will make you move towards that one place where you wish to be. Thus, the logo should be a combination of what the business wants from you and what you wish to do for the business.

Articulate expressions

Logo designing is never a business, it’s all about the art. How articulate and expressive your logo or icon is what makes your design stand out. 

Make your designs neat even if you are designing a blur one, make it neat. Order is more attractive than the disorder. Hence, trying to work to make an orderly logo is what will benefit you.

Foster the right spirit through your art, so that it produces the right impact.

The technical friendliness of logos is a must

Your logos should be technically friendly which means people should be able to download them using any technology in the right way. For example, it should be representable in all formats, including the PNG, SVG, and WEBP formats.

Like when going for SVG icon downloads , people should find downloading an easy to perform the task. 

You must also remember that technology is ever-evolving, so if you want to stand out, ensure your logo stands out in the crowd and can be represented through technology even 1500 years down the line.


These are a few ground rules that work well for the designer. These can help make the design stand out in the market for long. If you are a designer, you might already be understanding the rules in these sectors. If you are freshly starting, you can take a look at these rules, keep them in mind and start out using them even if you are making a free SVG icon or a simple logo for a very small brand. Once you start out with the right ground rules, you might know the ones that suit you the best. Over the years, your logo making will be something people will want to have and remember, it’s all in the principles you choose.

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