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Top Paid And Free Graphic Designing Applications In 2024

Free SVG icons are the must-haves in modern-day graphics, do you agree? We’re halfway through another year in the calendar. Graphic designers remain just as enthusiastic as they’ve been all along.

The designing needs are evolving day-by-day and the trends are shifting year-on-year. But, what’s constant is the need for spot-on graphic designing applications. If you’re looking for the best free and paid graphic designing applications for 2024, let us make it a little easier for you. 

Here are the best free and paid graphic designing applications that you must certainly try your hands on this year! If you have been integrating a lot of free SVG icons in your project, these applications can be equally helpful in editing and enhancing them. 

Graphic Designing Applications

Adobe Illustrator

Needless to mention, Adobe Illustrator has been the most popular application for Graphic Designers, and it continues to rule the charts in 2024 as well. It is an industry-grade application and is much used by beginners to the top professionals in the field.

It provides a wide range of tools and features for vector editing. You can create a variety of designs ranging from drawings, illustrations, logos, web graphics, icons, and even create customized effects. 

The application works on a subscription model. So, if you want to access the latest upgrades, you’ll need to subscribe to Adobe Illustrator, or you may choose to pay for the complete range of creative applications designed by Adobe. If you’re a graphic design student, you may even find suitable and exciting offers. 

Affinity Designer

Developed by Serif, Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor. It gives cutthroat competition to the ace Adobe Illustrator and does so successfully. With this, you can design logos, icons, UI designs, concept art, edit all free SVG icons, and much more with precision and ease. With this software, you receive a combination of vector and raster design tools. Plus, you only need to make a single payment to access all of them.

Multi Stroke and Fill, Dedicated isometric tools, and Point Transform Tool are among the standout features of Affinity Designer. Additionally, Sculpt mode in the Pencil Tool enhances its capabilities further.


The sketch is another popular graphic design application of 2022.

It is the most effective design solution, particularly for designing user interfaces. It is easy to navigate and offers an array of features through various customizable plugins. It is a great software for the real-time collaborative design process, whether it is precision artwork or prototyping. You can also invite developers to evaluate designs and download production-ready assets. It is an easy and free alternative for some of the top paid graphic design applications.


CorelDraw is also a popular graphic design application that continues to impress designers in 2024. You can design magazines, newspapers, books, draw illustrations, and create logos with the help of this software. You want to try out features like the LiveSketch tool, copy curve segments, Gaussian blur, GUI interface, custom node shapes, and font filtering.

Enhanced vector previews are also on your list of features to explore. A notable upside is its reasonable pricing and flexible payment options. You can choose to subscribe or make a one-off payment, providing convenience for users. If you’re finding it hard to decide whether you should go for this application, you can opt for a 15-Day free trial, easy?

Gravit Designer For Editing Images And Free Svg Icons

Gravit Designer is the top free vector graphic design software available. Its simple and responsive interface allows it to meet various design needs, including prototyping, icon design, animation, and vector illustration. With the free version of Gravit design, you can also export files as PDF, SVG, or bitmap. Also, you can access your project from anywhere using the Gravit Cloud.

You can use the tool online or download it to your computer. On signing up you’ll readily avail of the free trial of Gravit Designer Pro. However, once the free trial period is over you’ll have the basic version back in place. You can even subscribe if you wish to continue with the pro features. Nevertheless, the flexibility that it offers is worth giving a shot.

Svg-Edit For Editing  Graphics And Free Svg Icons

Not all applications need to be stuffed with tons of features. Some can be simple, and yet satisfy the grass-root needs of a designer. SVG-Edit is one such application that continues to woo beginners and pros alike. It allows you to edit and generate SVG files with the help of standard vector tools. It runs right in your browser saving you download and setup time.

Its simplicity and ease of use make it a popular choice for both beginner and professional graphic designers, even though it lacks many advanced features. Plus, it’s free.


Inkscape is another design application that has successfully made it to the toolkit of graphic designers, and for all the right reasons. It is an SVG Editor that can help you edit images and free SVG icons . It also comprises some great features like free drawing and cloned objects. Additionally, it offers extended compatibility of file formats, bezier and spiro curves, and alpha blending. Inkscape is for anyone who is looking to create vector graphics with a plethora of features that are also easy to understand and explore for beginners. The best part is that you can use it for free.


Procreate is likely the finest graphic design software for you if you’re particularly looking for a decent set of sketching tools without a load of other accessories. It includes a variety of stunning brushes and useful tools, such as QuickShape which helps you create precise formations. Apart from that, another tool called StreamLine lets you transform patchy and even strokes into classic smooth edges. You can also use paint to apply filters directly to your canvas. You can get started with an affordable one-off payment and enjoy an effective design experience.


Pixlr is a free photo editor that can be easily used on your browser.  It is a bundle of three applications and you can start using them instantly without requiring to register. Pixlr E is a simple picture editing software that lets you work with easy adjustments and artistic effects. 

Edit Photos And Free SVG Icons With Canva 

Canva is one of the greatest free graphic design programs for image editing. It’s ideal for quickly editing and resizing photographs, as well as adding effects, borders, typography, and effects. Everything may be done on the web or via a mobile app, and the free edition has no limitations when it comes to picture modification or editing free SVG icons, such as no digital watermarking. If you have used Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, you may feel that the features are a little limited over here. But, it offers decent functionality and can very well fulfill your basic editing needs.

Wrapping Up

There are several other graphic designing applications that provide users with paid, free, and combination designing opportunities. The developers have consistently experimented with trends, refining their pricing structures to be as affordable and fair as possible. This enables designers of all age groups and expertise levels to utilize their applications without hesitation. After all, creativity demands freedom, space, work, and price!

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