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Need Icons For Your Website? Try Iamvector Today

Icons are the need for user interface applications design provided in abundance on the internet today. But all of them are paid. Would you like to use a website where you can get all vector icons for free? Yes, this is possible with Iamvector, which offers free vector icons.

The website offers a wide variety of icons. There are about thousands of icons from where the desired icons can be selected, and guess what else? Also, there is no copyright issue, which sounds exciting, right? There are various other features where the icons can be customized to suit your needs. Do you need to edit the SVG code, convert the image format, or compress the image? Yes, you can do these things here as well.

Clean lines, bold statements – that’s the ethos of Iamvector. In the age of minimalist design, icons speak volumes with subtlety. Our icons reflect your approach in the designs. Simply, enhance your web presence with icons. Experience it with Iamvector, your one-stop destination for all icons need. Try us today and redefine your digital identity.

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Various types of categories:

IamVector offers a variety of free vector icon categories to choose from. There are more than 36 categories of icons, including animal, business, design, fitness icons, and many more.

Icon types include:

Some of different types of icons that are available on the website are:

1. LINE:

The shape vectors in the symbolic form are mostly outlined with font styled in CSS giving the developer a creative space for designing. Even The slightest details on the strokes are visible.

2. Fill:

When the content of a design is thick, solid icons are created for those. The recognizability of filled icons is higher.


Color is a vibrant aesthetically pleasing style in the icon collection. These color graphics will look great on any desktop, online, or mobile application screen. Color icons can be used as clipart images in infographics, bespoke cards, and presentations.


Icons are visual representations of a product’s concept, ranging from social media to communication tools. This means that all free vector icons must be eye-catching and resonate with the product, from the color theme to the icon’s orientation. There are a few features that can be used to enhance your work for this, such as:


Icons and their elements, as well as the background, can be colored not only in a single color but also in multiple colors. The outline of the icon and its various elements can be colored to make it more visually appealing.


The icon can be rotated and flipped from upside down and left to right within the frame, and the axis can be changed from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.


Animated icons can be used to bring life to a simple page without making too many changes. They’ll give the design some moment and then take it to the next level without doing much. Apart from this, the icons can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including SVG, PNG, and Webp, with sizes ranging from 512px to 72px. If you do not want to download it, you can simply copy the SVG icon.

The final words:

Animal icons, business icons, design icons, fitness icons, and many others are among the 36 categories of icons available. Icons and their elements, as well as the backdrop, can be colored in a variety of hues, not just one. In their symbolic form, shape vectors are generally outlined using a font styled in CSS, providing the developer more creative freedom to design. Without making too many modifications, animated icons can be utilized to lend life to a simple page. They’ll allow the design some time to breathe before moving on to the next step without having to do much. So, what are you waiting for? Try iamvector today and let your work speak for you!

Nidhi Bhardwaj
Nidhi Bhardwaj
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