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What are the important elements of a website design – Website essentials ?

Many factors must come together to create a beautiful, rather unique layout for your website. They’re often one or more elements, you might need more frequently than others when designing a website.

Many of these elements used in designing a website are simpler to use. One such frequently used element is known as vector icons, and some great sites bring Free vector icons together for users.

Vectors icons are easily transportable and downloadable files and carry essential website elements. But then, it’s about more than just all Free vector icons and their uses that can make your website or its logo look great and there are other contributing factors too.

There’s more to designing a website than Free vector icons, which we will discuss in detail.

important elements of a website design

Chief Exciting Elements of a Website Design

If there is a website designing assignment on your table or a website to design for yourself, consider these points very critically to ensure you have created something unique and likable for others and yourself. Also, free vector icons in a wide variety of sizes can aid you in solving the purpose. Here are the list of important elements of a website design.

1- Using plenty of White Space

White Space need not be white!

Indeed, you can utilize a lot of white space to your website’s favor when designing it. But white space does not mean a simple white space that is white. Instead, it points out to a free space. Generally speaking, white space will act as a buffer when placed well between different elements of the pages.


  • A lot of space on your site can go well with those who prefer the minimalistic approach.
  • Again, using the right blend of white space can help your viewers focus on your site’s most essential and crucial elements.
  • Overcrowding a site with a lot of information is sometimes the right idea for building a site. This process will not only distract the user but might also detract them from where you want them to focus.
  • It can add to the site’s aestheticism as well.
  • The design seems clear and precisely concise when white space is used in the right proportion.

    White space stands as a paramount element in design. It makes things look pleasant, makes it easier for people to read, and directs them where to click. Designers use it to make things look friendly and organized. To use it well, remember to make essential details large, keep text tidy, and group things. You don’t have to use plain white – you can use colors and patterns too, as long as it helps your design look awesome and straightforward.

2- Adding background videos to the site

Storytelling can be challenging, and telling a story with a video is almost always the best way to increase the site’s visual appeal. In this fast-paced life, people want to hear stories, and videos are what their eyes want to see. If the site has a background video, more intrigues come over to your platter with each visitor.

Adding a video that highlights your brand or company’s vision can be a great way to attract more customers or befittingly draw more visitors to your site.

Even videos about your product’s making and a tiny short story around your products can be a creative addition to your platform.

Several pieces of research have been done to study people’s choices of videos over words. One such research states that almost 92% of people love watching videos over written content. Among these, 43% of those would love watching videos around a product or service when planning to procure them.


  • People visiting your website might need help understanding the words depicting your products, but videos help build a greater understanding for your users.
  • Adding the right videos can enhance your site’s appeal unimaginably.
  • It can also help attract customers from far-off lands and make your site known globally.
  • Even those with high-profile jobs and short attention spans can catch up on a video faster than through arduously written product descriptions and blogs.

3- Using cards for a design

Cards for design have increased with Pinterest’s growing and ascending popularity. Using cards within your web page can give the user better freedom, allowing them to read the cards that most interest them.

Even showcasing multiple products side by side can add to the girth of the site extraordinarily. But that can only be done by placing the cards one aside from the other, and the picture cards are unanimously the only way to showcase a lot of your basket than what you can through words.


  • The information in these cards is in smaller chunks, meaning highlighting multiple products together side by side is possible through them.
  • Representation through cards does not consider the size of your website, as all cards made can be accommodated in smaller websites as much as in larger ones.
  • It makes your site cleaner and better organized than others and also sorts them into useful stacks, increasing the site’s visual appeal.
  • It brings more freedom for your customers since they can choose to see what they see easily with pictorial cards on display.

4- Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger Menu is another amazing alternative to eliminate the busy visible navigation, thus increasing user convenience. Hamburger menus look like a hamburger, with several menu units stacked one upon the other, setting the user’s direction.


  • Usual long navigation menu panels can direct visitors more aptly but use unimaginably high screen space. Instead, using the hamburger menu can thereby provide a better scope.

5- Going for the Vectors with Icons

 Infographic of website design elements

Quite a new trend to adorn, vector icons can add a refined uniqueness to your site. Currently, there are a lot of sites that are giving access to the use of many Free vector icons through their websites.

Downloading these files is possible in any file format: EPS, AI, or even SVG file formats. All Free vector icons, or even the paid ones, are available as transportable files that can be easily carried across.


  • Paid or Free vector icons add to the versatility of your site and make it more appealing to the audience. Vector icons can be anywhere, be it your home page or your product pages, and they can only increase the accuracy of your expressions.

6- Using non-skeuomorphic designs

Put, flat designs do better than those that make the screen appear three-dimensional. Switching to flat designs is one of the safest routes towards building a more user-friendly website.

Adding a few shadows and appropriate dimensions in the right place makes the site visually appealing, even with the flat design style.


  • Your content is easier to understand for the visitor when a flat design is in place. But it’s helpful if every page follows the same design cue, which must be considered when pursuing a website design.

7- Using easily comprehendible images on the site

By using finer and distinct product images, many B2B sites are designing better and more efficient websites. Responsive, high-quality, scannable images can make your site different and unique. Rightly toned, precise images of your products or their parts can enhance your visitor’s understanding level, giving them the proper perspective about your product.


  • Most often, adding a featured image and several other in-depth product images can add more meaning to your site. When designing a new website the next time, utilize these patterns and ideas. You can only be amazed to know how well they can enhance your site’s visual appeal.

Closing Thoughts

Here’s a doable list that can be used by anyone desiring to build a website of a kind. Of course, you can do a lot more when designing a site, but these are some quick ideas to make your site unique instantly.

Try each of these website design-enhancing ideas, be it Free vector icons or a lot of white space, and you will see the difference they bring to your website for yourself.

Pooja Verma
Pooja Verma
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