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IamVector Product Update: What’s new for Feb 2022?

Iamvector is one of the ulterior sites for a whole lot of exciting features and services. We have launched a few updates recently that can further improve your experience with the website and enrich your stay while you visit it. We are already known for our free SVG icons, image converter, SVG editor, and even image compressor. Get some insights into IamVector Product Update in this article.

This site is the best place for sharing content and we have superior quality vector icon sets. Our wonderful image and SVG converters, and also quality image compressor is aimed to make your designing journey smoother.

To bring more to the platter, we have recently updated our site.

  • We have uploaded 60 to 70 thousand new icons
  • Our icon editor is simplified and that makes it more user-friendly.

With more icons, you can have more freedom at your feet as a designer. Now, you can choose any of the newly added free SVG icons to make your projects livelier and more communicative. SVG icon download is easier from the site and anyone can download any of them whenever they want.

The simplified icon editor is to create a better user-friendly experience when using this site.

The icon editor can help you with changes you want to see in your icon when using them for websites, each meant for a different purpose. Our icon editor is a completely functional icon maker that helps with an SVG path editor. If you want your icons to be in the SVG format, you can turn them into those with our SVG editor.


Variations to try within our icons

Change your icon the way you want;


Color is an essential component of an icon. One can easily relate to colors and thus, their choice matters the most. Different websites have different color choices and finding the right colors for every website is essential for the designer.


  • We offer rich and solid colors with different options to alter them.
  • The color alteration can be done for separate elements in the icon.
  • You need to choose the icon by clicking on it and then you must choose to edit it. Once done you can download it in whichever format you like. All icons on the site can be turned into free SVG icons if required with the help of an SVG editor.

Co-ordinates of the icons:

When building a website or designing a mobile app, the icon choice and its position within the website/app play an important role, even when it is a free SVG icon or its PNG format. The right placement of icons can go a long way when designing an interactive website. Thus, our icon editor is enabled with this feature for your ease. You can shift your image location and move it across the ‘X’ and the ‘Y’ coordinates easily.

The right placement of an icon is essential;

  1. Placing the icon right can make it more interactive.
  2. Its position matters when attempting to convey the right meaning. Only when you have used the icon in the exact location can an icon’s placement play a crucial role.
  3. Icons are used to make the website livelier and user-friendly; hence, their right placement is essential.


  • Co-ordinate points can be changed for the icons using the simplified icon editor.
  • You can also interchange the co-ordinate points as per your needs.
  • Even moving the icon throughout the frame anywhere is possible.
  • The variations are user-friendly and are pixel and graphic friendly so you can use them exclusively.

Border/background alteration:

Most often the icon border and background do not match the requirements of the website. With us you can change the border and the background; no matter whichever icon format you want it in, a free SVG icon format, or even its PNG counterpart. Thus, changing the border layout or color, even the style can impact your website design greatly. If your website or your client demands the change, try changing it, as altering the background and even the border is possible with the icon editor for your selected icon.


  • If you do not like the border or the background, you can try to change its style for your chosen icon as changeable borders and backgrounds are offered by our editor.
  • Choose your icon, choose borders and background, and change it, it is all that simple!

Rotation/flipping of the icon as per your preference:

  • Alignments of icons to add to the visual appeal of the website and if you feel that by rotating or flipping an icon’s position, you can benefit more, give it a try with our editor. Most common reasons as to why an icon, whether a paid or a free SVG icon or even their PNG versions might need to be flipped or rotated include the following;
  • Mostly a single icon might need flipping or rotation or even mirroring several times, to meet the objective of the website.
  • Sometimes, icons need to portray information that can only be best represented by a flipped or rotated icon.


  • With our icon editor, you can even choose to flip or rotate your icon as per your wish. Horizontal and vertical flipping and rotation of the free icons are possible with our all free SVG icons .
  • Flipping icons left to right and upside down is possible.
  • Free rotation of the icon and moving it in different directions is possible with the help of the icon editor.

Scaling of the icons:

Not every icon is designed by us in a size that fits your needs. If your icon size needs to be smaller or bigger than the size in which it is available with us, you can always alter it. Altering your icon size can greatly influence the message your website carries with it.


  • Icon scaling can be done by turning each of them into different sizes.
  • The icon can be extended to its maximum as well as minimum sizes easily.
  • Downloads can be done for every chosen size for your icon.

With all these properties and rich features, we intend to give you the best set of SVG icons downloads as well as their PNG counterparts.

To make you aware of what we have for you, here is a small list of icons for your reference.

How many icons do we have for you?

The free SVG icons as well as their PNG versions are available with us and can be grouped into several categories-

Type of IconsNumber of available icons
Icons depicting arrows45+
Automotive symbols44+
Building related icons47+
Icons depicting business34+
Camping icons35+
Charity denoting icons30+
Chat icons35+
Icons symbolic of our childhood25+
Icons depicting Christmas35+
Communication related icons35+
Icons for COVID-1965+
Development related38+
Icons symbolic to devices63+
Document icons42+
Finance related icons43+
Food related51+
General icons2195+
Health icons80+
Logos in the form of icons160+
Medical icons76+
Musical icons30+
Notification icons44+
Religion related icons29+
Security related icons36+
Shopping icons31+
System related icons75+
Travel signifying icons41+
Weather denoting icons59+


We want to intimate our readers and users of the recent update that were done to the site so far. If you want to know about the updates, go through the article to get an idea about the updates. Primarily, our recent updates are mainly centered on the addition of more icons and also a simplification of the icon editor making it friendlier than before. The SVG icon download from our site is possible as much as the PNG downloads with the help of our current icon editor. This article briefs a bit of the advancement done so far by us to meet our user requirements.

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