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Guide on using Iamvector Image Compressor:

Looking for an easy way to compress and resize your images for web use? You’ve come to the right place. The Image Compressor of Iamvector is easy to use. Simply select the photos you want to compress, and wait for the magic.

Iamvector is a free image compression software that allows you to compress your images and save them very quickly. This is especially helpful for a large collection of photos to keep them in sync with the latest trends. I am using the Iamvector Image Compressor to compress all my images. So it saves me loads of time and makes the process very user-friendly.

To compress the image, follow these instructions:

This is a brief lesson on how to compress the image. Your images are not compressed or are not in the best format. You can try to compress them using a tool like this one. You can read more about how to compress images.

Step 1 :

Open the Iamvector Image Compressor. You will land on the page as shown below:

image compressor

Step 2:

You’re trying to figure out how to upload the picture. Here, you have two choices:

A. First, drag and drop the picture.

image compressor

B. Second, select the image from your hard drive by clicking the cloud button in your browser and upload it.

image compressor

Step 3:

Download the compressed image.

image compressor

Features of image compressor:

High Rate of Compression

The compression rate of image compression is high. The image is compressed up to 70% of the original ratio.

Large Files Reduction

You can upload files up to 50MB in size for free with the ImageCompresssor.

Format Durability

If you worry about the conversion of image format due to image compression. Then do not worry about it. The image is compressed in the same format as it is primarily uploaded.

Final words:

There is no need to edit any of the images you’ve previously made because it has covered how to compress images of different formats. Iamvector Image Compressor is an easy yet effective image compressor that can reduce the size of your images by up to 70%. Without any fees, it is free. I really hope this guide works well! Watch this space for more blogs. Iamvector is a good option if you prefer to bring new Free vector icons to your work.

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