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Commercial purpose-free icons with customizability | Free icons without copyright

Icons are an essential part of designing and need of the hour these days. It is used for designing. It also represents actions and concepts in websites and mobile applications. These can be used to convey information about the project’s concept or to express features that improve the visual appeal.

Commercial icons are either paid or have royalties and copyrights attached to them. SVG icons are the best choice among the various formats available because they can be customized without compromising the icon’s quality. IamVector, for example, allows for direct icon customization without the need for CSS coding. In case you are searching for commercial purpose-free icons, give Iamvector a try.

Features to customize the icons:


Scaling as per the need of the design has to be done, which will help the free vector icon to adjust the icon on the desired location. The size can be adjusted from minimum to maximum size without degrading the quality of the icon.


Colors play an essential role in attracting users as well as making the project approachable. All free vector icons can be colored as per the color palette available. There can be single-element icons or multiple elements icons that can be colored accordingly. Multiple elements can be colored in different colors giving the designer flexibility to use his creativity.


Do you need to alter the coordinate points? There is a choice. The coordinates can be swapped out depending on the situation. The icon can be positioned on any side of the frame and is both graphic and pixel friendly.


We have a feature that allows you to flip the icon or change the axis from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. The icon can be flipped from right to left and upside down. The icon can be moved in any direction within the frame while rotating.


Do you dislike the border or background of the icons you’ve chosen? For all free vector icons, we provide customizable borders and backgrounds. There are a variety of background and border styles to choose from. 
Simply select a color/design and use it. It’s a lot of fun and will assist you in expressing your creativity.


Animated icons add life to a simple page without having to make too many changes. They’ll take a look at the design and see what they can do to improve it. These are the attributes that can be used to make the icon more personalized.

So, if you want to experiment with customization, here’s a sample:

You have an icon with you, now you need to modify it, the process is simple; follow the steps mentioned below to see the final results:

  1. Select the icon, such as the Jira icon, and then click the edit button.
  2. You’ll be taken to the edit page, where you’ll see a variety of options for customizing it; simply select the one you want. Let’s look at color as an example.
  3. On clicking the color option, a solid color palette will appear, allowing you to select the desired color and update the icon.
  4. Other options include transform, which allows you to change the alignment, position, and size of the icon, as well as add animation to it.
  5. After all of the changes have been made, the icon can be downloaded in various formats such as PNG, SVG, and WEBP with resolutions ranging from 512px to 72px.

There are multiple ways to explore the icons on the website. The question now is whether or not icons can be used without being objected to. What if you got the copyright for the same? You do not need to be concerned in this case. We don’t charge any copyright fees for our icons, making them freely available.

Final Thoughts:

Icons are an important aspect of online and mobile app design because they symbolize actions and concepts. Without compromising the icon’s quality, free vector icons can be changed. For example, IamVector enables direct icon customization without the need for CSS. Customizing the icons is possible using the options like Scaling according to the design’s specifications is required, which will allow the free vector icon to be positioned in the desired location. Multiple elements can be colored in different hues, allowing the designer to express themselves. Animated icons can be used to bring a simple page to life without requiring too many adjustments. Simply adhere to the instructions. Finally, we don’t collect any copyright fees for our icons, so you can use them for free.

Bhushan Verma
Bhushan Verma
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