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Can AI replace graphic designers? Reddit Discussion

Do you think we need graphic designers in the future? Well, this may not be the only question you have in your mind, especially if you are in the IT industry. Graphic designers are also feeling under AI (Artificial Intelligence) radar.

One graphic designer posted a question in the Reddit community about pursuing a designing career while currently in computer science.

The Reddit community shared plenty of opinions.

An answer with 141 upvotes says, “Yes. Clients have no idea what they want. AI can’t provide them with the design they don’t know they want.”

According to another user, AI does not give much control over outputs. You should practice if you treat it as an art. Yes! AI is replacing digital artists, but AI cannot replace graphic designers and personal artistry.

An experienced graphic designer shared overall experience of using AI tools. “I’m a graphic designer, and I use tools like Midjourney to understand the trends. I am terrified at what AI will do to my career sooner rather than later. For example, I would spend 16 hours on a given project and charge $50 an hour. Now, fast forward to a few years where Midjourney can get certain parameters (which we know how fast this evolves, it’s probably more advanced than I am even giving credit for in this example), let’s say the actual design brief from the client can be imported to the server, and it spits out initial concepts in less than a minute. AI is going to be an enormous disruptor in our lives for many years to come, and I don’t think we fully understand how that will shape our future.”

There are people who think that creativity cannot be replaced. Yes! AI might come in handy in some cases, but human experience and perspective are something else. AI is trained on stored data and cannot be creative enough.

The topic can’t really have a conclusion. Graphic designing is not the only industry going through a difficult phase; several jobs are at stake. Nothing conclusive can be said until the dust around AI settles completely. Times are difficult for everyone. Maybe if you are yet to choose your career option, selecting something that only requires a human touch would be a mindful step.

Here is Reddit thread:

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