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Top 10 Websites to Get Free Icons

Appropriate icons are critical to creating an intuitive website design with excellent usability. In either a positive or negative way, heroes can significantly influence your users’ experience. They can give your users a pleasant and engaging experience, or they may make them feel like they are travelling through the Bermuda Triangle.

Furthermore, the sheer number of websites that provide free website icons to download might leave you at a loss for is the ideal solution for your particular situation. Being spoiled for choice might be enjoyable at times, but it can also be quite difficult for individuals with a demanding schedule.

Then there is the plethora of file formats available. There is a significant issue here: which one is suitable for you? The most often encountered file types are PNG and SVG. Many of them are also accessible in the form of snippets of HTML. The quality of PNGs will degrade if they are not the correct size for the project at hand.

If they are not the right size for the task at hand, you will lose quality while resizing them. The fact that free SVG icons are entirely scalable allows you to modify the size as required in your chosen prototype tool, making them a good choice for most projects.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate icons for your next website prototype, all of these options and file formats are enough to give you a headache worthy of an iconic figure.

To help you get back to the big picture, a list of 10 of the most acceptable sources to quickly get a collection of scalable, SVG icons downloadfor your next design project has been complied as:

Here are the top 10 websites :


Iamvector is a fantastic online resource that provides many options other than simply icons. They offer a massive library of vector graphics, free SVG Icons available for free . As the name implies, their materials are completely free and there is no copywrite issues.


Currently, Flaticon has the most extensive archive of free vector icons available on the internet, with more than 70 thousand icons available on their website. Flaticon’s icons are available in various file formats, including SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG, in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Besides providing access to thousands of free icons, Flaticon offers other exciting features such as a font-face generator and a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects that gives users direct access to the thousands of free icons in their database. The majority of the icons are available for free usage under the Creative Commons license.


IconArchive was created to make the lives of professional web developers and graphic designers a little bit simpler. It delivers more than 500,000 icons compatible with many operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, and it does so via the use of a sophisticated tag-based icon search function.

The uncool aspect of this application is that it allows you to store, organise, and share your favourite icons without the need to log in. Whatever your icon needs are, whether you are a professional seeking for heroes to build up a vivid website or an inquisitive youngster attempting to decorate your desktop, IconArchive is the one-stop-shop for all of your symbols requirements.

Simple icons

If you’re looking for free website SVG icons downloads for various businesses and goods, Simple Icons has an extensive collection of free website icons for you to use on your website. If you need more than one, you may download them all as vector files, each one in a colour-coded set so that you can quickly find the brand logo you need, or you can search for a particular brand using the search box given.

When you need to connect your customers to an external website or application, make it easy for them to share your material on social media networks, or just want icons to represent specific software on your website, these branded free website icons are ideal.

Such symbols encompass anything from Hubspot, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Slack to Tinder, Instagram, and Tesla, to name just a few examples. You’ll almost certainly discover what you’re looking for!


It is estimated that DeviantArt has close to 200,000 icons accessible for free download, all of which have been provided by a thriving community of artists. You may get a variety of materials from this site that are compliant with the attribution standards established by the contributing artist. Some of the materials may need you to become a member of the DeviantArt community to be downloaded.


A second valuable service for online and application developers is SoftIcons, which provides access to thousands of all free SVG icons downloads. Since its inception in 2010, its database has grown exponentially with each passing day. You may look for icons and icon sets in various categories, and you can use them for personal or commercial uses under a variety of licencing options.


In addition to providing hundreds of free icons, Premiumpixels is a paradise for designers seeking a variety of tools. It was founded by Orman Clark, a designer based in the United Kingdom, who first created it to share his design resources. Mockups, icons, and PSD files have now been added to the collection, increasing size.

Streamline Icons

The fact that you’ve arrived at this website’s homepage gives you confidence that these folks know what they’re doing when it comes to providing free website icons.

If you look at the icons on Streamline Icons, you’ll see that they are available in three distinct “weights.” Light, standard, and bold icons all have a different variation in appearance, with the lighter ones being more geometric and minimalist in comparison to the bold glyph icons, which are more evocative of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Downloadable icon packs in SVG, PNG and PSD formats are available on this site, with at least 10,500 distinct variations of icons in three different weights, split into 53 categories. The icons are available in three different weights and are available in three different sizes.


The icons available on Tilda are basic and minimalist in design, making them suitable for use on any kind of website and in practically any context. Mostly 2D, with some in 3D depending on the category, the majority of these icons are unfilled and geometric in style, which takes us to one of the most enticing elements of this website – there are an incredible 43 categories to choose from!

There are a total of 700 free website icons in each of these categories. The fact that everything has been properly identified in a category means that nothing is jumbled together, which saves you time while looking for free web page icons.

In this section, you can discover free website vector icons that may be used for almost any task you want, including webinars, event agency icons, beauty salons, picture studios, coworking, and many more uses.


In addition, Iconmoon is a fantastic resource that has more than 4000 open source icons that can be downloaded for free as PNG pictures, SVG graphics, or as a Webfont. One of the nice things it offers is the ability to import your own icons and use them to build a custom Webfont from them.

The Bottom Line!

In certain cases, it is difficult to determine which online icons would deliver the greatest user experience and keep visitors interested. When looking for the greatest all free SVG icons to download for your next project, we hope that this list will make things a little easier for you and that you will discover the right collection of free website icons for your next design project.

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