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3 Software to make Icons

Icons are used in day-to-day life for a designer. Whether used in apps or on websites or any other platforms icons convey the message for action in an easier and more visual way.

Icons are now a way to show emotion also like the form of Emoji which is the best way to describe how icons are used to display emotion without words. There is various software to make icons. Whether free or paid software one can choose according to their convenience.
5 software to make icons are as follow

1.  Adobe Illustrator
Price: $22.55 / month
The software is a part of the Adobe Suite but one can easily download it individually. It is one of the best software to make Icons, logo,s and other illustrations.
The features let you make SVG that is easily scalable without pixilation and easy to use on websites and apps.

Buy Link: https://www.adobe.com/in/products/illustrator.html

2.  Figma
Price: Free
The Software is free to use. Figma has all the features that one can use to make icons. Figma mostly uses for designing interfaces but now it is often used to make icons.
It has minimal required features that make it easy to learn and handle even by a beginner. One of the best features for using Figma is it is a web app. So one doesn’t need to download it, it can easily run on the browser.

Download Link: https://www.figma.com/ICONION

 3. Iconion

Price: Free

 is a free icon maker software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems.
The software provides its own build-in library of icons and you can customize them. But if you want to create your own icons you are free to do it.

This software has various features just to make icons. It is very simple to use and one can easily get their hands on it.
It serves with lots of features like Icon Colouring, Icon shadowing,  Backgrounds,  Borders,  Rotations, etc.

Download Link: http://iconion.com/

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